Work Time App allows flexible workday registration for any worker: office, street or remote.

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Work Time App

Mobile App Features

Take a look to the functionalities for the worker

Start, pause, end

Only 3 buttons to register your schedule, fast and easy! With the possibility of adding signature or photo.

Weekly chart

Quickly look the number of hours worked in the last week.


Table with the latest records where you can see the additional information provided or add an issue.


With the widget you can quickly see the elapsed time and perform actions without opening the App.

Work Time App is available on any device

Web Panel

The employer/administrator has all the information within reach

Global view

Work Time Panel

Current day

Look at what state each worker is (working, paused, finished). At a quick glance you can know how many actions have been performed and how many issues have been added.

Additional Info

Through the Details column, access the breakdown of the day or download a PDF with all the information.

Total hours chart

The chart allows to know in a more visual way the total hours that each worker has.

Work Time Panel


Work Time Panel


Access the records of any date and worker or group of workers.


Download the table in Excel, CSV or PDF format. You can also download the complete information of each record in PDF.



Edit name and profile picture. This information will appear in tables and PDF documents.


Release the license of a terminal to use it in a new one when a user changes their mobile.


Activate geolocation for taking coordinates. This creates hours that are linkable to the map in the records.

Registration mode

Decide if the workday start/end records are simple, with signature or photography.


Add issues on a record with wrong time, a message will be saved with the previous time and the description of the change.


Adjust the estimated time of the current workdays.

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