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The results-oriented client management App

It has all the tools for the commercial team to enhance the relationship with clients.

Short response times and optimization in the work team supervision.

Check the current status of each project and negotiation when opening the App.

In Opportunities you can catch up with your team.


Easy to use



Beyond a Mobile Application

Available on Android, iOS, Mac OS and Windows

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Quick access to clients and all the information added by your team

The search engine allows you to find the company or contact person.

You will know which member of your team created the respective client or annotation.

Example of use: In the general list select a client. From the client's detail, access their annotation history.

Add quickly

A new client, a new project for the client, an annotation about the client.

On the fly edition

From anywhere in the App with access to client information.


Filter by user, date, activity and client status. Advanced search option and sort option by date or name.


Quickly observe all the projects and annotations your team has made on the client and add your own.

From client to contact

Add the client to your mobile's Contacts App.

Locate opportunities

With the radar find the clients closest to you.


Locate all the clients close to you according to the maximum distance you have established.


Location of nearby clients


List of nearby clients

  1. Establish the detection radius (m/km) in which to locate clients.

  2. Activate notifications every time a customer enters the radius.

  3. Go to your current location.

  4. View client information with all editing options.

  5. Show client location or route to reach them on Google Maps.


Share with your team all the Projects for your clients.

Manage projects through states, annotations with interviews, reminders and more.

Example of use: In the general list select a project. From the project detail add a new entry.

New project or annotation

The add function is adapted according to where you are.


You can change the project main information at any time.


Filter by user, project status and date. Sort by date or name.


Access all project annotations and add new ones.

More info

Know all the benefits and success stories


The fastest way to see the status of your team

Overview of the number of clients, interviews, reminders and the total entries added by users.

Knowledge of the number of sectors/activities to which each client belong and their negotiation statements.

Evaluate the Opportunities your team has taken advantage of.

More features

Mobile CRM has all the tools for you to take full advantage of the relationship with your clients


Each team member can see their pending and completed tasks in the calendar.

Intuitive interface





Filtering options for reviewing data comfortably: type of event, user and client status.

Client information and all editing options are easily accessed from each event.

It's also possible to add new annotations.


All configuration in one place

Organize your application quickly and easily


Manage your work team.


Configure the categories or sectors to which your clients are dedicated.


Determine which status you will use for your clients and projects. Each interaction of the work team can be registered with a status: not visited, visited, contract closed, etc.


Set the synchronization options that best suit your business.

Set Up Drive

Add your Google Drive account to store all the documents your team shares.



Mobile CRM has a list of documents added by the team.

You can quickly see the details of the annotation where each document is located.

Annotation containing the document


List of calls made from the App

Call logging is optional, your company's team determines if it is important in the work protocol.


To make a call you must access the customer detail and click on the telephone icon:

Client phone numbers


Frequently Asked Questions

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