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New functionality joins the Working Day Suite family


CheckIn/Out is a tool that allows you to organize the tasks of your team and know the time invested in them.

Easy management

Schedule tasks for your team or allow the autonomy of them to schedule their own tasks through an intuitive interface.

Detailed information

Know the time spent, textual information provided by the user, when and where each task has started and ended.

Additional data

Users can optionally add graphic information during the task: signature or photo.

Mobile App

The task manager is incorporated in the Working Day Suite App as well as all its services.

Your team has sufficient autonomy to view and manage their tasks.

ChackIn/Out App

Weekly calendar

Users have a weekly calendar in which they can see the list of their pending and completed tasks.

New task

Each user can assign their tasks from scratch using the new task button. They can assign a name, category and client (optional) for the created task.

Task course

The user can view the time spent on the task in real time and add graphical information at any time.


When finishing a task, a text field is displayed where the user can add their notes and observations.

Reports and charts

As the leader of your team, you get access to detailed information on all pending and completed tasks, as well as a quick view of the status of your team through charts.

Detailed report

Each completed task has the report preview and the option to save to PDF.

Easy setup and management


Add activities or categories for each type of task according to the needs of your company.


Optionally import or create your client list if you need to know the recipient of the tasks.

Planning date

When creating a task, assign the expected date for execution.


Add a name or description to the task so that the user knows the purpose of the task.


CheckIn/Out has different export modes for data processing

Export all the information stored in the Cloud in 4 available formats: Excel, CSV, PDF and Word. You can also select a specific user or choose to add images or just their links.